Seller: vernine gipstein
State: Arkansas
City: Midland
Zip code: 22728
Type: Animals

Wheaten terrier puppies. Soft NO shed. NO allergies. The wheaten terrier is a medium sized NON shedding 30 to 40 lb. dynamite companion dog.
GREAT with kids and my dogs are raised with two cats in the house and have an excellent shot list.
Spoiled rotten, crate and paper trained off to a super start!
Call to chat about the dogs. 540 633. Raised with two cats!
Can you live with hundreds of kisses a day and nose prints on your windows. If so call and we'll see if this is the dog for you.
See You will see dogs that have come and gone in my life! Let's wheaten talk.
You have to agree to spay or neuter. I don't ship. Meet the parents!